Les Abel site

"Les Abel", drawing Richard Bourdoncle in 'Pages d'histoire naturelle de la terre tchadienne', Alain Beauvilain, CNAR / CAFE, N'Djaména, 1996.

(postal stamp first day of Abel (Australopithecus bahrelghazali)
and other stamps from this book)

Chad, Cradle of Humanity ?

With Australopithecus bahrelghazali (Abel) and Sahelanthropus tchadensis (Toumaï), two hominids fossils, Chad is a potential Cradle of Humanity

From Tchadanthropus uxoris to Sahelanthropus tchadensis : Toumaï, the Discovery 

and Among the 'Fossils Orphans'

More Details in the French Version : Tchad berceau de l'humanité ?
see also : Meteorite Impacts in the Borkou and Ennedi (Chad)

Time 07 2002

1 tchadanthrope face profil noir

Tchadanthropus uxoris, discovered in 1961 on the cliff of Angamma, about 10,000-100,000 years (photograph from a copy) more details : Tchad berceau de l'humanité)

Abel face profil gauche texte

Australopithecus bahrelghazali ('Abel) discovered at KT12 by Mamelbaye Tomalta, January 23, 1995 (Alain Beauvilain, photographs of January 26, 1995, after the original), dated around 3.5 million years.

Abel haut arrie?re texte

KT 12 suide? site

KT 1 suide site

On the left mandible of Kolpochoerus afarensis (suidae = 'Pig') unearthed in KT12 January 20, 1995 and, right, molar of Kolpochoerus afarensis discovered in KT1 in January 1994 (KT1 and KT12 are separated by a few hundred meters) (photographs Alain Beauvilain).

Toumai main Ahounta

Sahelanthropus tchadensis, the head of Toumaï. On July 19th, 2001, almost vertical to the maxilla of the skull called Toumai, was a mandibular symphysis. So this is not a skull that we found but a head. This symphysis is an 'orphan fossil' (photography Alain Beauvilain).

Anancus TM 266 site

This jaw of Anancus is the only fossil in place ('in situ') discovered July 19th, 2001 at TM 266. This fossil site, located slightly below and to one hundred meters south of Toumai, with fossils of anthracotheriidea, allowed us to immediately understand the importance of this discovery in terms of the age of the head discovered. Photography Alain Beauvilain.

TM 266 8 h Toumai? face texte eng

Toumaï at the time of its discovery on July 19th, 2001.
Photography Alain Beauvilain


Among the 'fossils orphans'

fe?mur toumai

The left femur of hominid discovered July 19, 2001 among the fossil's head adjoining Toumai. (photography Aude Bergeret).

-John Hawks : 'Sahelanthropus 'the femur of Toumaï'.

KT 13 maxillaire

Half jawbone discovered in KT13 in January 1996 by Mahamat Kasser (Photography Alain Beauvilain).

KT40 mandibule site

The mandible of KT40 discovered July 18, 2000 by Fanoné Gongdibé
Photography Alain Beauvilain.